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Stories from Kennels who need help #keepusrunning #keepushealthy

Kaizer 5 years old

Kaizer is a male dog who loves to run in front of the sled , he always gives 100% every time. When the owner got him he was a bit shy in the beginning and not used to meet all the guests. But Thanks to all my guests, this boy is eager to welcome them now, as he knows what will happen when they arrive to go on an adventure with him and it is time to go for a sleddogtour and he gets a lot of cuddle after that.

Kompis 4,5 months

This is our youngest male dog. His name is Kompis and it means buddy. Together with his mother and two sisters, he lives in an enclosure. The little one is now 4.5 months old and we are really lucky to see him lively and healthy since he had a very rocky start of life; in fact, his mother has gotten very sick a few days after his birth. With the help of a medical team and many sleepless and tearful nights, we fought to save the mothers and her puppies life. And we did it! Kompis put a smile on our faces every day, even if it’s not easy taming a bundle of energy as he is. The difference between then and now is hard to believe! Everytime we look into his lovely dark eyes, he charms us again and again. He loves going on excursions and running around our property without a leash. Sometimes he runs so fast that his legs lose rythem and the poor pup just flops on the grass. After a good run and a few delicious snacks, Kompis goes back to the enclosure where his mama and sisters are waiting for him, and takes a short power nap which is usually ended by a pack-howeling session, which of course little Kompis joins on in, showing that he too belongs to the pack.