About us

Petra – I am from Austria and we live in Sweden since january 2014 with our 30 Huskies and my whole life I were always more on the technical side, also in my job as an IT Consultant, but I got immense affected of the Huskyvirus 2010. I know a lot of kennels, and I can imagine how hard this situation is for them caused by Covid19.

Therefore I am happy that we started this project to help the sleddogs up in the north and in the end also their owner, that they can have support from us all! 

I am thankful for all support I get just right now from my husband (Walter), my family and friends, but also from people I did not know before! In this situation it is so important that we all stand together! It is the only possibility that we win in this situation!

Sanne, originally from the Netherlands but I moved to Scandinavia in 2010 to live closer to nature and to learn more about sleddogs.

After gaining a lot of experience about dog care, wilderness guiding, winter and the nature around us, my husband and I decided 2,5 years ago to follow our dream and started a small husky-kennel in Swedish Lapland (Yellow Snow Husky Tours).

We really love to have our own pack of huskies and share our passion of dogsledding with guests from all over the world! Our dogs are our family and we can’t imagine a life without them!


Arctic Sleddog Foundation
(Non-profit association)

Petra Kunz
Sanne Kouwenhoven
Johan Väisänen

83397 Lidsjöberg

E-Mail: info@arcticsleddogfoundation.se

Organisationsnummer: 802532-6631