For Musher

Important information
Before you register your kennel with Arctic Sleddog Foundation, please read the conditions of participation carefully. They are essential for a functioning cooperation.

The following list summarizes the most important requirements for registration. You can find more detailed explanations below.

Requirements for registration are:

  • The kennel is based in Sweden
  • There is no negative entry with the authorities
  • Positive reviews from guests
  • Handelsbolag, enskild företag or Aktienbolag are valid
  • The kennel takes care of at least 10 dogs
  • The kennel has an organization or personal number (enskild företag) registered since 2019 in Sweden
  • The kennel ensures and is responsible for the fact that it can accept / unload the donation deliveries and store them safely.
  • The kennel has a current website and / or a Facebook page
  • The contact person named by the kennel can be easily and reliably reached by the Arctic Sleddog Foundation by email or phone.

Who can register your kennel?
Registration with Artic Sleddog Foundation is free. The registration as well as the transmission of the confirmation of corporate management must be carried out by a person authorized by the organization and authorized to represent. The kennel is responsible for the information transmitted (e.g. description of the kennel). The Kennel guarantees and ensures, to the best of its knowledge and belief, that all information relating to the Kennel is true and accurate.

Usage rights
To avoid misunderstandings, it is made clear that the kennel is obliged to obtain the legally required consent of those involved, affected or authorized, for example the photographer or the persons depicted or named, in particular before transmitting texts, images or other content, even if it is their own responsible persons or members of the kennel (e.g. donation arrival pictures, picture / video material from the kennel). The kennel indemnifies the Arctic Sleddog Foundation from all possible claims by third parties resulting from a breach of these obligations.
As long as a kennel is registered with the Arctic Sleddog Foundation, the Arctic Sleddog Foundation is entitled to refer to the information on its own website – stating the names of the dogs.

Donation delivery
Donated food will only be delivered if we have a current, valid company confirmation of the kennel.

Delivery process
If a pallet with donated food has come together, we contact the kennels to clarify any questions about the delivery situation. The kennel will receive information about the expected arrival of the donations, the number of pallets and, if applicable, photos of the pallet (s) by email as soon as we have the delivery note and the truck is loaded. The kennel documents the arrival of the donations with photos and / or videos of the delivery.

Data protection
The protection of personal data is very important to us. The data given in the email or form will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on without consent. We at the Arctic Sleddog Foundation help anonymously every kennel who registers with us.

Delete Kennel Account
If there is no longer any need, the kennel account can be deleted in our documentation, please contact us via email

How does it work
As soon as we have received your email we check your informations and come back with an email to you with information if and how we can help.
Registrations are possible until December 1st, 2020, if help is required in January 2021.